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More than 40 years of excellency in production!

Meet Gabitec!

Experience that makes difference

Since 1981, Gabitec has been recognized in the fabrication and provision of alluminum castings for industrial machines and equipment. With more than four decades of experience, our biggest commitment is to customer satisfaction, as well as excellence in each piece produced. Our services cover the entire production and development of the alluminum castings.

Unmerchantable Quality
Continous Inovation
Commitment with the client
Creation and fabrication

Our services cover all the development and production of the pieces

  • Customer Service

    We place our customers first by offering exceptional support and personalized service.

  • Process and Product Engineering

    We offer tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of our customers.

  • Foundry

    We use advanced techniques and the most modern equipment to transform recycled aluminum into high-quality parts.

  • Machining

    Precision in every detail. Our commitment is to the purity of technical execution.

  • Real-Time Quality Control

    We monitor quality at all stages of production.

  • Finishing and Montage

    Meticulous care right down to the final piece.

  • Delivery and Logistics

    We efficiently deliver on time.

  • Online Quotation

    Get fast, accurate quotations.

Quality Management System

With ISO 9001 certification for over 10 years, we monitor the quality of the pieces at all stages of production.

This rigorous quality control extends from the selection of raw materials to final product delivery, ensuring that each item produced meets the highest standards of excellence.

Commitment to sustainability

100% recycled aluminum

We use recycled alluminum in 100% of our production, helping the natural resources preservation and reducing environmental impact.

And the best of all? No waste is made in our company. Every material is carefully used, making a more sustainable production.